130 views - 03 August 2018

We can't say (and develop) it enough, we love progress. Thats why we have a hand-full of updates again for you.

OctoberCMS 1-click-install

Quickly whip up a CMS system? No problem, we now also offer OctoberCMS support! Installation is pretty straightforward, just press the "Install OctoberCMS" button and Ploi will take care of the rest for you.


Extended MySQL Backups

MySQL backups are usually forgotten or people find it a hassle to setup. Well no more hassle! There is no excuse to not run MySQL backups now when Ploi makes this very, very easy for you.


We have added FTP and SFTP to supported drivers and we are also working on OneDrive and Google Drive support. If you have any suggestions for supported drivers to backup to, let us know.

As always if you have any feedback please let us know as we value this very, very much.

Ploi handles all the difficult things that you don't want to do. Are you ready?

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