MeiliSearch server support & Ploi Core is released!

Last week we've released support for MeiliSearch servers. MeiliSearch is a great alternative to Elasticsearch to make searching your documents (or data) fast.

Ploi makes setting up MeiliSearch a breeze, you can easily configure settings via our UI and start serving super fast search results.

Ploi Core is released! 🥳

We're very excited to shared that Ploi Core is now available, the panel to easily serve a panel to your customers. You can start right away by clicking "Get Ploi Core" on the website:

  • [Released] Ploi Core 🎉
  • [Added] MeiliSearch server type support (
  • [Added] Ability to edit PHP FPM pools
  • [Added] More DNS providers added, DigitalOcean, Linode & Hetzner (Cloudflare is already supported)
  • [Added] notifications support
  • [Added] CTRL/CMD+S command for saving deploy script easily and fast
  • [Added] Editing daemons allow directory changes
  • [Added] More filters and information on the sites overview page
  • [Added] Ability to copy system user name on sites index in server
  • [Changed] Install certbot using snap now and renew hook is now using a dedicated script
  • [Changed] Used mousetrap library for keyboard shortcuts for wider browser support
  • [Fixed] Laravel tab down message removed as Laravel 8 does not support this anymore
  • [Fixed] Google Drive shared drive backups were not working, they are now
  • [Fixed] Input types on profile password page were normal inputs, changed to password type
  • [Fixed] AWS Site file backups were not running properly, this has been resolved now
  • [Fixed] MySQL dumps now use UTF8 encoding enforced so emoji's come in backups as well
17 September 2020

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