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If you have Cloudflare attached to your Ploi account you’re in luck! 
It is now possible to view detailed statistics gathered by Cloudflare easily in the Ploi panel. You are able to see requests (pageviews, cached), bandwidth, TLS version & uniques per day. Just visit the DNS tab in site level and press “Statistics”.

screencapture-ploi-io-panel-servers-6557-sites-11665-cloudflare-dns-records-2020-06-05-09_10_09.png 201.56 KB
Another bigger update we have done is adding a news RSS feed. We’ve had some more requests lately users asking us to add a feed so they can easily track us that way.
  • [Added] Detailed statistics view for Cloudflare integrations ?
  • [Added] Ability to add a description to databases (
  • [Added] Ability to add PTR records in Cloudflare DNS management
  • [Added] {RELEASE} variable for deploy scripts with sites having zero downtime enabled
  • [Added] {RELOAD_PHP_FPM} variable for deploy scripts to reload FPM worker (which uses the site’s PHP version)
  • [Added] Documentation link to sidebar in panel
  • [Added] Logout button whenever you were presented with the lock screen
  • [Added] Ability to see usages for notification channels in your profile
  • [Added] News feed (
  • [Fixed] Sites overview had wrong <title> text
  • [Fixed] Applied general fixes for SSL wildcard LetsEncrypt
  • [Fixed] Bug when you wanted to delete a notification channel from your profile with entities attached
  • [Fixed] Bug when you wanted to test pushover notifications
Changelog languages
  • [Added] Swedish language (SV)
  • [Updated] German language (DE)
Changelog API

11 June 2020


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