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Automatic Updates

We have released automatic updates after a user suggested to us that he needed this badly. We saw the need of this feature request as we had more people requesting this. As we value user feedback very much, we processed this and is now visible in your server under the “Manage” tab. You can choose to execute updates daily, weekly and monthly.


Server Apps

Server apps are comparable to sites, but without all the default webserver configuration. This makes it possible to run your own apps like JAVA daemons, socket servers or anything else from a GIT repository. (The functionality is exact the same)

These apps will be stored under /home/ploi/applications/{slug-app}

PHP version

We also made it possible while setting up your server to select your PHP version. The default refers to PHP 7.1. Once PHP 7.3 is fully released we will of course make this available through our interface. (You do not need to reinstall your server for this to change, as we can already change PHP versions without any problem)



One of the biggest features yet to be released yet, still in full progress. We had to postpone this a bit more as we found some features that would be nice to integrate simultaneously with the release of whitelabel.

Also we have decided that we are releasing the Ploi-hosted whitelabel in 2 versions:

  • Reseller version
  • Company version

The reseller version is for users that want their clients/customers to log in and manage their own server/sites. Company version is basically the same but only ment for internal usage.

Pricing wise these will not differ from each other, we have not settled on a price yet.

If you want to submit a feature just contact us, or check out our Roadmap and leave a comment in a card if you want to give more priority to one!

25 September 2018


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