To create a Google Chat notification webhook, make sure you're logged into your g-suite account instead of your personal e-mail. Personal e-mail addresses cannot create webhooks in their spaces.

Start by heading over to and make sure you're logged into your g-suite account. Make sure you have a space created, if you do, click that space and press the arrow down and press "Manage webhooks":

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This will open up a new modal where you can create the webhook:
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Inside the avatar field, you can fill in an avatar you'd like to be displayed, we offer a default one for you if you like:

After creation, you'll get the URL by clicking the copy button:

CleanShot 2022-11-02 at 10.41.22.png 99.07 KB
After grabbing this URL you'll be able to enter this inside your Ploi profile under
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02 November 2022 (last updated 1 year ago)


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