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“Ploi truly allows to focus on building apps rather than configuring servers.

Huge time and cost saver!”

“Wow, they are listening to the customers.

New features are coming every week, amazing 🚀”

“I manage all my servers with Ploi and absolutely love it. It has such a rich feature set compared to competitors. The UI is great and the support is simply stellar.”

“I've been using Ploi for all my Laravel projects for over a year now! Super easy to manage all the servers. A true worry free solution with lots of features. 🙌”

“Ploi makes deploying new servers and sites such an easy process that it almost feels like cheating.”

“They take care of all the details and configuration so our team can get on with the build and delivery.”

ShadracK Nicholas

Shadrack Nicholas

Technical Lead Belva Digital

“I have been using ploi for about a year now. I add my clients' sites to a server in minutes. Ploi is worth every penny of its price.”

“I have been a proud customer for over a year now and am always fascinated by how quickly customer requests are implemented and what covers. 🤯”

Flavius Constantins

Flavius Constantin


“Best choice of 2024, migrating to Ploi to manage servers. Saves you hours of maintenance and setup work and it keeps getting better every day! 🥳”

“The support is awesome. Ploi is not only a good product, but also a warm community.”

“Setting up and managing servers with Ploi is worth every cent. That nice fuzzy feeling called piece of mind is is priceless. ❤️🏆👍 Slowly moving all custom Hetzner servers over to Ploi managed ones. 🥇”

Mike Wink

Mike Wink


“Did a test drive with Ploi today, spun up a new server and simple one-click deploy of #WordPress. Very impressive platform and lots of really cool features.”

“Stunning time saver for our dev-op guys. They listen, and actively develop nifty little process adjustments.”

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